Who are we?

We are fathers and mothers just like you… We are worried sick for our children and decided to take action. We established Your Kid Safer website with a lot of content dedicated to lost parents and developed our unique security app after trying most of the products in the market that didn’t fulfill our needs.

Our team is based on internet security professionals and IT specialists that came together with hope to make the world a better place and to avoid the next tragedy. We bring you our growing premium library with a lot of information about internet safety for children, interesting articles, videos, e-books and guides how to deal with your children and protect them from digital risks.

At the moment there are many monitoring options out there, but not even one could give us a complete solution. This is why we developed Your Kid Safer application for Android with amazing features.

You can subscribe to our carefully picked premium content library or get a free membership access to all content if you subscribe to one of the application packages while using the monitoring app.

What is unique in Your Kid Safer?

Many apps can read SMS, other popular apps (such as WhatsApp, Instagram, etc…), browsing history and monitor the location but you have to be actively reviewing everything all the time and might miss important information:

  • Get immediate alerts when bad language is used.
  • Location alerts.
  • Perform actions remotely such as opening cameras, audio, screenshots, etc…
  • And other surprising features.

We welcome you to download the app now and try, don’t subscribe if you don’t like it during the first free to use trial… We can guarentee that once you install Your Kid Safer app, you can really sleep well at night – we say it with experience!