Warning! Online predators, you must read this

The internet is full with predators, the thieves, hackers that simply want to destroy your life, ones that want to get your information and use it, bad people, rapists, pedophiles and more.

Here are some statistics about online predators that you must know:

Only 33% of the sexual assaults are reported by children to their trusted adults.

Children who were sexually molested don’t tell. The shame, misunderstanding what happened or simply fear are the main causes. This is a horrible piece of data but it is a fact. You must pay attention to your children’s behavior and be alerted if you see changes for the bad.

Most of our children are not communicating freely with stranger in chat room or chat groups (18% only) but nearly all internet sexual offenses against children started there.

Your children are participating in group chats in various apps such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram and so on. Predators will try to get into these groups and to pretend to be a child at the same age. Our children are not smart enough to tell the difference and this is the most common way for predators to find innocent children.

In social apps such as Instagram, it is very common to comment on pictures, lots of predators use this platform to start conversations.

Imagine that your teenage daughter, like any other girl, publish bikini photos on Instagram with various tags that others can follows. The photos are immediately become public for anyone to see and anyone can comment and start a conversation. You must be alerted that when it’s easy, predators will try to attack there.

82% of the predators will review their victim’s social media accounts and learn information about them to ease the connection. 65% try to get information about home address, school information and even phone number on social media. 26% of them try to find the location of the victim at a specific time.

Since our children expose their information online, they open themselves to sex offenders with sensitive information that increase their risks.  As parents you must be very alerted.

40% of the predators age is below 18.

Many predators are young, irresponsible and full with the hormones of the age. They will be likely to be closer in age to your child and you must know that predators might be as well from the same age.

In average, predators can reach new victims very quickly, research say that even in less than a minute.

You must be very careful. Predators can target your children very quickly.

It is believed, that at least 4 out of 10 missing children were contacted first by the predator.

This data is not verified but indicates on the danger within the smartphones and why they should be monitored.


It is not safe out there for your children. If you want to protect them, you must talk to them, explain the risks and if you want to be 100% sure that there are no secrets, download and try our app for free. Only if you like it you can get a license after trying it. Contact us if you have any questions.

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    Must read! Online safety statistics

    The internet is a good thing and we normally feel safe when we share our personal information. In reality bad things going online. Lot of bullies, predators and people who good to harass others behind their screens.

    Here are some important statistics about children, teenagers and internet situations:

    29% of the parents do not supervise their children online.

    Our children are smart, they live in the digital world and probably exposed to content we cannot even imagine… Adding the fact that children can be mean to each other (especially behind the screen) this is a recipe for unhealthy behavior. If you are looking for a monitoring application, you are not one of them, but think about many other parents that don’t care and their children might become internet bully or share un-appropriate content with each other.

    87% of the teenagers saw cyberbullying.

    Amazing data that indicates on how easy it is for teenagers to cyberbully, to be a victim or to cyberbully themselves. Either way, you want to be involved and educate your child for the better.

    42% of the children and teenagers (from the age of 6 to 17) exposed to pornography online.

    Pornography is very easy to reach online. Protect your child and be alerted when they are viewing un-appropriate content.

    25% of the children pretend to be older while browsing the internet.

    Our children are curious and the internet allows you to be anonymous. It is very easy for children get into adult websites, forums for +18 or even to spend money freely. Their confidence in themselves put them in danger and while pretending to be older might seem as innocent activity, it might cause you and your child a lot of problems.

    5% of online children setup secret meetings with strangers.

    While the above statistics are serious but ones you can live with, this one is a real risk. Children think they are smart and predators can easily outsmart them. Protect your children!


    We all know that our children are sharing their personal information online. It is ok to some extent and we see that regulation force the big tech companies to protect our children but these efforts are too little and too late.

    Unless you specialize in technology and understand their world of content, there is high probability that your child knows to handle technology better than you. This means that they are one step ahead and it is very important to recognize this fact before trouble steps in.

    We developed our application to help parents like you and give you back the advantage. You can know where you children are at any point, see what they do online and keep you kid safer. We welcome you to download and try our app for free. Don’t like it – no problem, but it is more probable that it will become part of your life… Try now and you will not regret it.

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      5 ways to convince your kid to open his phone

      Our children are obsessive with their smartphones. Most parents cannot even access their children’s smartphones and many parents give up on monitoring application since they are afraid to fights about it. If you still want to keep your kid safer, this article is for you…

      Since you need to secretly install Your Kid Safer app on their device, it might be very difficult to convince your kid or teenager handing over their smartphone, after opening it with their password of course.

      Here are 5 ways you can use to convince them to open their secured smartphone:

      1. The easy way is to ask nicely.
      “Can I look at your phone for 2 minutes? I need to see something on the internet”. It is better to ask them when they are busy, distracted by television, computer, friends or family. If you feel this might not work and they have something to hide, try to have a nice and calm family activity together. Eat lunch or dinner with food they like, do something together like watching your favorite film or play a board game. Be sure that you have the time and reason to go a side and install the application.

      2. Another easy solution is to know their password.
      The best way is when you are outside, tell them you want to take a picture or video of them, when they hand over their phone, see their password or ask them what it is to use the camera. When they give it to you, just install the application later on when they are sleeping, showering or other time when they are not next to the phone.

      3. The classic – “I’m out of battery and I need to do urgent call.”
      Start an actual call with someone and move to the other room and close the door. Try to find time that they are busy, looking on the television, on the computer or concentrated on something. You can move to the other room and continue talking while installing the app.

      4. “This is your lucky day” – the generous way.
      Announce to them that you are very happy and this is their lucky day. They have 30 minutes to find something online to buy with a certain budget and you’ll pay. You can be 100% sure that they will find something to buy. They use their smartphone and hand it over to you to pay, you’ll go to the other room, buy it and install Your Kid Safer app at the same time.

      5. Get help from a close friend that they know.
      Ask a friend to contact them via chat and say that he cannot reach you from some reason. Ask him to push them since it’s urgent. They will approach you, telling you the information, you’ll tell them that your smartphone has a problem and ask to use their phone for few minutes. They will not suspect anything.

      Another option that many parents choose is to upgrade to a new smartphone and to install the app when it’s completely new before the smartphone is given.

      We truly hope we helped you with finding the best way to install the app and keep your kid safer.

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