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  1. Leave your name and e-mail in the form, read the privacy policy and click the “Send me the App” button.
  2. You will receive an e-mail with a code to download the app.
  3. With the code, you can download the app below from your kid’s smartphone. Make sure the device is with Android operating system.
  4. During the installation of the App, you will be required to submit your e-mail again. Upon submitting, you will receive instructions with the link to the secured dashboard.

Click here for help with the setup instructions of the application.

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    Disclaimer: Our application is for legal us only. You must install the licensed application on devices you own. If you install the application on a device you don’t own, you are violating the laws of your local jurisdiction. The common laws requires you to notify the owners of the devices about your intention to to install the licensed application. Violating this requirement could result in criminal charges and serious fines on the violator. Please advise with your legal consultant about the legality of using our licensed application within your state or country before you install and use it. You are solely responsible for installing the licensed application onto any Android smartphone and you are aware that Your Kid Safer or the operating company is not and will not be responsible.